5G Networks


Everyone is currently talking about 5G and we are excited that we are able to offer products which offer a combined solution of better performance and speed.

What is A 5G Network?

5G is a fifth-generation network for mobiles, that is set to become the new global standard in wireless connectivity. 5G is the latest development in mobile phone technology, surpassing the previous generations of this technology, namely 4G, 3G, 2G and 1G.


What Are The Benefits of 5G Connections?

The benefits of 5G networks are extensive, for both business and personal use. 5G connectivity is designed to facilitate connections over one-hundred times faster than 4G connections, allowing improved connection speeds whilst operating at a low-band, mid-band and high-band, the high band 5G operates in 20 (GHz) and 100 (GHz) which is a range that has never been used for consumer applications before.

With the introduction of 5G cellular technology, bandwidth sharing becomes a thing of the past and assured performance ensures that instances of instability that users have previously reported is removed, leading to the cited improvements in connection and speed. However, there are challenges to be faced with signals in these frequencies as they can easily be distorted by walls and trees.

Who Will Be Using 5G Connectivity?

5G is not just for consumer mobile services, and the Inseego 5G FWA provides connectivity which is not just reliable but offers speed and low latency and it is a great alternative which can be used in homes or workplaces including entertainment sites, factories, and many enterprises.

5G Network Connectivity at Minerva

Here at Minerva, our product portfolio features a range of 5G services provided by our valued vendors, including Cambium Networks, who have recently announced a 28 GHx multi-Gigabit Fixed Wireless Solution. In addition to this, Cambium Networks offer a 60GHz cnWave and 80GHz millimeter wave solution, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can access high-quality wireless access.

Cambium Networks aim to simplify the delivery of mission-critical wireless connectivity. The Cambium solution allows operators to provide fibre speeds without the costs of installing a fibre infrastructure.

Looking for 5G Network Services?

If you are interested by the above benefits of 5G networks or want to find out more information, we have listed just a few of the products available above. To discuss the range of 5G connectivity solutions available at Minerva for your individual business needs, please get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team today.