About Us

Our Company

Minerva is a distributor of Two Way Radio, TETRA Radio, Wireless Broadband, Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point and Unified Communication products and solutions. In operation since 2003, we have the technical expertise in house to assist in the design and delivery of any Wireless and Two Way Radio solutions.

Our head office and logistics centre is in Dubai, UAE, which is the regional logistics hub from which Minerva is serving the growing demand of the Middle East, GCC, Sub Saharan Africa, North Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan markets.

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Our Departments


Our team of sales professionals play a very important part of not only developing and executing a vendors’ go to market strategy, but also work hand in hand with our channel partners to help them develop, scope and close opportunities in various verticals. Our long-standing position in the MEA region, means that we have played a critical part in many projects and can leverage this experience and learning to further educate and support our channel.


This team works closely with our vendors to ensure we have the best available lead times and that we maintain a stock holding of products most in demand. Working very closely with our delivery agents we are committed to ensuring our partners delivery requirements are constantly met and that all orders are delivered within the required timelines to enable our partners to be successful.

Customer Service

This team plays a critical role in supporting our partners and vendors from initial onboarding, to ongoing quotes as well as tracking deliveries and ensuring all needs are met. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver and exceed expectations and our Customer Service team is the engine that drives this vision forward.


Minerva possesses significant expertise across all our products and our technical team assists our partners on the development of best practice technology solutions, ensuring their requirements and business objectives are met or superseded. Be it proof of concept, network design, system dimensioning or optimisation, our expert team works with you from project inception to delivery to ensure best in class solutions are implemented – every time.

What we do

Product Distribution

We distribute a full range of cutting edge Two Way Radio and Tetra solutions, CCTV Backend Infrastructure and Broadband Wireless (Point to Point/ Point to Multi Point, Mesh and Wireless LAN) and Unified Communications. Our growing portfolio of products puts us in the unique position to be able to offer end-to-end solutions to our partners and customers which always ensures a competitive price and consistent service. Based in Dubai, we serve the growing demand of the Sub Saharan Africa, North Africa, GCC, Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan Markets.

Pre/Post-Sales Support

This is a crucial part in every system. Minerva and our Partner’s technical specialists conduct site surveys to document and provide guidelines to ensure suitable designs are developed. This also ensures that quality planning and pre-works are in-place prior to deployment of equipment. We also assist Partners during the pre-sales cycle by demonstrating small-scale Proof of Concept (POC) and product demos to ensure the end-client’s needs can be fulfilled by the proposed solution. Minerva then closes the loop by providing Level 2 and Level 3 support. This allows our partners to leverage our vast expertise when seeking to provide managed services or fulfil support contracts.

Sales/Technical Training

Minerva provide standard and customized training to resellers, end-user’s and site personnel, ensuring that they acquire all the product knowledge needed to successfully implement the technology solutions. Minerva deliver “vendor” or “solution” specific training to best meet your requirements. Vendor training is product specific and is useful for integrators who will work significantly on a product. Solution specific is based on the solution your client will receive. The training focuses on the products and functionality contained within the system. This provides focused, targeted training ensuring the students gain the most valuable knowledge required to perform their duties.

Design and Consultancy

Minerva possesses significant expertise across all our products. We assist our Partners on the development of best practice technology solutions ensuring their requirements and business objectives are met or superseded. Be it Proof of concept, Network design, system dimensioning or optimization, our expert team works with you from project inception to delivery to ensure best in class service


Product availability and reduced lead times are an integral part of the value Minerva brings to its partners. Our significant stock holding is managed and reviewed by our logistics team on a regular basis to not only ensure current availability but also forecast future needs based on market demands. We work closely with vendors to ensure we have the best available lead times and that we hold stock of products most in demand.

Are you a vendor looking to expand?

Minerva prides itself on being a pure play Value Added Distributor.

What this means for you and your brand is that you have a partner in us that focuses on managing, growing and supporting the channel. Our vendor partners generally see us as an extension of their Marketing, Business Development and Technical teams, working together with them to educate their target verticals and grow their market share.

Besides stocking your products to meet the demands of channel partners and their customers. We pride ourselves on our regional and in market presence in strategic locations to better serve customers growing demand for fast turnaround times and in market support.

Our expanding sales and marketing teams (both in numbers and regional presence), coupled with perhaps one of the region’s strongest technical/professional services teams and our best in class customer service makes us the perfect partner for any vendor looking to expand rapidly into the region.

Are you a Reseller or System Integrator?

Minerva’s pure play distribution approach means that you can count on our support pre-and post-sales to help you grow your business and better serve your customers. Besides our extensive product portfolio which encompasses market leading brands, we offer our partners best in class support, be it customer service, sales, technical/professional services as well as favourable payment terms and readily available stock, to name a few.

We collaborate with you to develop strategies that suit your needs and offer your customers the latest, most suitable and cost effective solutions.

Being a pure play distributor means that our go to market strategy is through you exclusively but we also make ourselves available to support you in your customer meetings from the early stages of exploring potential opportunities until the late stages of project deliveries and sign off.

Careers at Minerva

We recruit the best to achieve our objectives